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MAOT Fieldwork Position Statement

MAOT fully supports the American Occupational Therapy Association's Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTEĀ®) and AOTA's Commission on Education (COE) regulations and guidelines on fieldwork education.  MAOT is not in a position to advise, recommend, or assist in the search for or arrangement of fieldwork educational support.

In accordance with the ACOTE guidelines on fieldwork education (C.1.0.: Fieldwork education):

"Fieldwork education is a crucial part of professional preparation and is best integrated as a component of the curriculum design. Fieldwork experiences should be implemented and evaluated for their effectiveness by the educational institution. The experience should provide the student with the opportunity to carry out professional responsibilities under supervision of a qualified occupational therapy practitioner serving as a role model. The academic fieldwork coordinator is responsible for the program’s compliance with fieldwork education requirements."

It is therefore strongly advised that students in search of fieldwork experiences collaborate with their fieldwork coordinator. 

Thank You,

MAOT Executive Board

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